Our promise....
We like to form our church beliefs around the Gospel of
John Chapter 4 and Chapter 8.  In chapter 4 we read about
the Samaritan woman at the well.  Here Jesus asks her for
a drink of water even though Jews don't associate with
Samaritans at that time.  She is shocked, and then Jesus
goes on to let her know that He knows her deepest secrets.
Yet in all this teaching Jesus is doing, He never holds her
past against her, nor does He ever chastise her.  The
Samaritan woman is amazed and her life is changed by this
Man the Messiah.  Similarly in John 8 we see the story of
the adulteress that is brought before Jesus by the religious
leaders to be stoned.  As the story goes Jesus says let he
who is without sin cast the first stone, and everyone ended
up walking away without a single stone being thrown.  In
this powerful message we see that NO ONE is worthy to
judge us accept the Lord Himself.  Thankfully so, as none
of us are perfect either.  It's this thought process we
extend to you. We will not judge you and we will not
chastise you for your past way of life.  We WILL help steer
you in your walk with the Savior and in your new life with
Him.  As we say at the church: We are just normal people,
with normal issues, trying to get closer to God!

We promise!